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Our Work

California Hearing Officers, LLP (CHO) employs experienced hearing officers to conduct administrative hearings throughout California. CHO’s hearings officers are licensed attorneys in good standing with the California State Bar. CHO’s hearing officers have the requisite experience and skill to conduct administrative hearings, and to issue unbiased, legally sound decisions. CHO’s hearing officers have conducted hearings on multiple issues, including, but not limited to, marijuana abatement, business license suspension or revocations, nuisance property abatement, public nuisances, dangerous or substandard buildings, mobile home rent control, cost confirmation lien hearings, administrative citations and penalties, vehicle abatement, dangerous or vicious animals, public works bid protests, zoning, waste management, contract disputes, and personnel disciplinary actions.

CHO also provides hearing officers to conduct LPS 5250/5270 mental-health-certification review hearings.

California Hearing Officers, LLP can be called upon to provide neutral experienced hearing officers to conduct hearings with minimal notice. CHO is cost-effective, and CHO’s hearing officers render thorough and timely decisions. CHO also offers hearings via video conferencing upon request.

Lippman Code Hearing Solution

The recent decision in Lippman v. City of Oakland, 19 Cal.App.5th 750 (2017) has created immense turmoil in municipalities throughout California. In Lippman, the Court of Appeal determined that any appeal of citations issued by a city or county under the California Building Standards Code must be conducted by: (1) a local appeals and/or housing appeals board; (2) an agency authorized to hear such appeals; or (3) the governing board itself. The Court also made clear that enforcement employees cannot conduct appeal hearings. The Supreme Court of California recently declined to review this decision. As a result, any decision your municipality issues that does not comply with Lippman is likely to be reversed by the courts. California Hearing Officers, LLP is here to help you avoid the chaos of reversible building code decisions.

We can help you comply with Lippman’s requirements for an independent hearing before a neutral hearing panel. We will provide, on a contract basis, the panel you need to conduct these appeals under Lippman. Additionally, contracting with California Hearing Officers, LLP complies with Haas.

Our hearing officers have years of experience conducting administrative hearings, including code enforcement. Our hearing panels will include three people, at least two of whom are attorneys, all knowledgeable in the applicable building codes, regulations, and ordinances. Our panels are qualified and meet the legal requirements. In addition, to cut down on travel costs, we can hold all hearings via video teleconference; we can also provide all necessary video conferencing equipment and usage training for a flat fee.